Welcome back to Transformational Tuesdays! 

Today I’m coming from the energy of being in a room full of inspiring entrepreneurs from a local community networking group. 

Are you part of an in-person networking group?

I’ve got to say, they are life-changers for sure. 

As I was thinking about this week’s topic, I was reminded of the Three C’s that can really help us in this world:

Connection, Community, and Collaboration! 

As women leaders, we have access to them at all times — everybody does. And as women, these Three C’s are especially important! 

Read on for a funny story of an experience I’ve had at my networking group night below. It’s all about how unexpected connections can crop up. 



1. Connection

This is so huge, I talk about it frequently (in this post with a neat strategy, and in this post with my friend Donna). 

I think deep down inside, what we all desire is to have that connection with people. 

But it feels vulnerable, or it feels strange, or it feels awkward. 

(And actually, vulnerability is a huge thing I often talk about — check out this post about how your vulnerability can be your greatest advantage!) 

So because we feel this way, we stay on our side of the corner feeling strange and awkward — when that’s how the other person feels, too! And we just need to get out there and connect with each other more. 

Part of honoring that desire for connection, I love doing the Facebook Lives because I can connect a little bit more tangibly than just being a Facebook friend with someone. 

In fact, at my evening out with the entrepreneur group, I was sitting across from someone and we were talking. There were some things that she was doing that were really capturing my attention, so I said, let’s see if we can connect on Facebook. 

And what we didn’t realize is that we were already connected on Facebook! 

So I’ve made a pledge this year that I’m going to reach out to a couple of people every month that are on my Facebook friends list, and do something face-to-face. 

Connection is so important, and it leads us into the next level! 


2. Community 

When we’re talking about transformation, we’re also talking about transformation in the community you have around you. 

The event I attended this week was awesome, because although we’re all doing our own thing and it’s a little bit different, there’s so many similarities. 

And we are all just building that sense of community where you know you have people you can rely on, trust, and go to. 

So make sure you are not isolating yourself, and you’re really getting that sense of community. Getting in with your tribe is so important when you’re on your transformational journey. 

So I just encourage you, even though sometimes it seems strange, just go out there, connect, and build that community! 


3. Collaboration

The great thing that arises from having a supportive and like-minded community is the potential for collaboration. 

You know, you don’t have to do things alone! 

It’s much more fun, the energy is different, and it’s just easier when we collaborate with each other. 

Everybody has great ideas that are fantastic when they come together. 


Remember — sometimes we have to take that first step so that the next step gets revealed to us. 

Go on out there and take the first steps towards getting in on those Three C’s! 

Have you ever considered your vulnerability an advantage?


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