Wendy Lee

Influential Speaker and Transformational Leadership Coach

Senior Vice President.

It’s an impressive title for anyone, but especially for someone who grew up as I did.

My family was a mess. I’m talking Jerry Springer caliber.

There was so much dysfunction and chaos it just became the norm, and wreaked a tremendous amount of damage to my self esteem. Sexual abuse by my father, my parents’ addictions, divorces, the death of my mother when I was 14. There was never a feeling of safety, certainty or connection.


Not exactly the makings of a success story…

But, lucky for me, I figured out quickly how to create survival mechanisms that provided me the sense of connection and attention I never got at home.

When I would achieve at school, and later at work, people would notice, and that gave me the attention that I craved, so I continued this behavior.

This served me well, but I had one problem.

I was knocking it out of the park at work, channeling all the masculine energy I could muster to work my way up the corporate ladder, but my personal life was much the opposite.

One dysfunctional relationship after another, including divorce. In this area of my life I found attention and connection by becoming whoever that other person needed me to be. I was the victim version of the feminine energy, and people walked all over me.

I felt like such a fraud for letting myself be treated this way. After all I was supposed to be the powerful leader at work.

Then, one day an episode of Super Soul Sunday caught my attention.

It was about love.

I began to study this topic and learn from masters about how to create the love and connection with myself that I never got at home.

And I also began sharing what I was learning at work! Even though these weren’t the typical kind of things you talk about at work, especially as the head of Human Resources!

I could suddenly see that this sort of vulnerability, realness, and feminine energy was exactly what my workplace needed, and what I needed.

It turns out I was right! As I shared, the people I worked with also got to learn to create love and connection with themselves, and became more effective at work. As I healed, they healed, and as they healed, I healed.

I had an epiphany! What if ‘work’ is about so much more than ‘work’?

What if connection and healing were actually the divine purpose of every interaction?

All of the things we do in our jobs and as business leaders that serve customers and create commerce, these are all great things. Yet, what if it actually serves a greater purpose… to connect to one another so we can help each other heal and grow, and find greater alignment with who we truly are.

When I looked at my role in this way, everything changed for me.

I became more authentic and real, I lightened up,

I attracted loads of curiosity from the people around me,

and because of this I had more influence.

After a few years of showing up differently, bringing way more of the balanced strong and healthy feminine me to work, I knew it was time to bring this new way of leading out into the world in a bigger way. And LeadHERship Revolution™ was born.

LeadHERship Revolution™ is about creating contagious influence because people want to pick up your torch as a leader. Not because you’ve told them what to go do, but because you’ve shared your heart, your truth, and your healing, and it has inspired them to want to be a part of that.  

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Wendy Lee Official Bio

Wendy Lee, influential speaker and transformational leadership coach, was a fresh voice in the world of HR. Having worked her way up from recruiter to Senior Vice President, Wendy allowed her own personal transformation to influence the way she showed up as a leader at work. No longer willing to task and prove and strive to achieve, she embraced a softer, more feminine approach, one that included hearing and sharing her heart. She found leading in this way to be way more effective, and much more fun. Surprisingly, the more vulnerable she got, the more connected people felt, and the more inspiring and effective they were at work.

Wendy founded LeadHERship Revolution™ in 2018 to spread the message that you no longer need to check your heart at the door to be a strong leader, and that healing and transformation DO have a place in the workplace. She teaches her Contagious Influence approach to women leaders of all ages around the globe who want to Lead Differently.