Wendy Lee, International Speaker

Women are waking up.

They are coming with better questions, and life has been nudging them to grow rapidly.


Do you want YOUR event, conference, workshop, or retreat to be the one they REMEMBER?

The one that challenges them to a NEW LEVEL OF THINKING, or BEING?

The event that will help attendees put the pieces together in a new way that gives that “ah-ha” that helps  TRANSFORM their LIVES?

Wendy Lee is the keynote to book.

Meet Wendy Lee!

Wendy Lee was a total rockstar in the corporate arena. Climbing her way to SVP of HR, it appeared she had it all. But, inside her self-worth was eroding away from the abuse of her narcissistic partner. The crisis led her to a life coach, that uncovered generational trauma default patterns, and supported her healing journey. The impact was so profound, she eventually ditched the partner and her corporate gig! In 2018, she founded LeadHERship Revolution™ to support women on their healing path. She believes deeply that all women are worthy of leading a potent and powerful life, creating a living they love, and impacting the world in revolutionary ways! Today, Wendy enjoys her time as an international influential speaker and best-selling author, certified transformational life coach, yogi, animal advocate, ally, and for real rockstar, as the lead singer of a top 40 band!

Wendy’s highly-rated, experiential, programs will show you exactly how to:

Put the Pieces Together

Put the pieces together about why the results you’ve been getting aren’t quite the results you want.

Lead With Contagious Influence™

Be a leadHER with Contagious Influence™

Experience Harmony

Experience harmony and flow at work so you can get more done with less effort

Discover Your Secret Superpowers

Understand the secret superpowers women hold that can make them way better leaders than their male counterparts (while still loving, respecting and working harmoniously with the men in their lives)

Be More Open

Be more open, creative, and expressed at work, softening your approach without sacrificing results.

Spark More Collaboration

Spark more collaboration and idea sharing that leads to transformational results on the job, and true healing of the heart


Potential Topics We Could Discuss



The Vulnerability Advantage



How Embracing Your Vulnerability Creates Connection and Healing

Often when people think of the word "vulnerability," they envision uncertainty, risk, and concern about emotional exposure. Yet on the flip side of that, vulnerability also creates love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. Vulnerability is such an awesome tool, but we have this roadblock that screams fear. Imagine if there was a way that you can get all the beautiful benefits of being in the gift of your vulnerability, while still feeling safe and protected? As we connect to our vulnerability, it gives others permission to do the same. Our collective consciousness can heal the world. 



I'll Have What She's Having!


3 Tips to Eradicate Faker Syndrome and How to Own the Real Deal You Instead!

We are all faking it at some level. It takes soooo much energy to keep up these false appearances, and in the long run, blocks our success in business and relationships. What if there was a different way? A way that was easier AND got you better results in business and your personal life?

Glass Ceiling My @$$!

Discover What’s Really Holding You Back in Business and the 3 Simple Mindset Shifts to Get What You Want

We'll discuss the hard truth on how women sabotage themselves, how to identify blind spots that are getting in the way of success, and discover how to embrace and rely on your vulnerability and intuition as an advantage to propel you forward.

Act Like a Lady - Please!

Why acting like your male counterparts in the workplace is the wrong move, and 3 ways to change that.

We'll look at why it's not only OK, but critical, for women leaders to embrace their femininity, vulnerability, and yes -- express emotions in business.  

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