This past week I attended a divine feminine circle, where we really dove into our vulnerability. And as you know, at LeadHERship Revolution, vulnerability is at the cornerstone of a lot of the things that we talk about. 

I’ve found that sometimes people associate vulnerability with fear. There’s this notion that if we allow ourselves to be seen, or if we say what we want to say, it feels very vulnerable and scary. 

My take on vulnerability is that yes, it’s scary sometimes, but it also has many benefits — the chief of which is greater connection and community. That’s why I call it the Vulnerability Advantage!


How does vulnerability show up in our lives?

There are many situations that you may label as being vulnerable:

Having a conversation with someone that feels a little tricky — really expressing your feelings can feel very vulnerable. 

Connecting with new people, and wondering if they will like you or if you will fit in. 

Making changes in your life, like considering changing jobs, starting or ending a relationship, or any time that your life feels in transition. 

Overall, vulnerability shows up as something that makes you feel different from other people, so you don’t feel comfortable sharing it. 

And what was interesting about the divine circle I attended, was that the vulnerable things that everyone shared had lots of common, connective pieces that were the same. 

So really, our vulnerability does not make us that different! 


How to practice vulnerability

You definitely want to be in a safe space. What do I mean by that? Start being more vulnerable around people that you know and trust first. Those people are going to be your “training wheels” for becoming more open. Make sure that they are people who you know will support you! 

The best way to practice being vulnerable is to reach out to the people who are also pondering and wondering. They will be the ones that will be wanting that as well. You need to shine your vulnerability light in order for them to see it, and then that gives them permission to shine it back. That’s how you get connected! 


So keep practicing your vulnerability. If you haven’t yet, make sure to get my FREE guide on the benefits of vulnerability: click here to download it instantly


Have you ever considered your vulnerability an advantage?


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