Remember when you were a kid, and you lost a tooth? You probably spent weeks wiggling on that thing, until finally you got that sucker pried out!  And your diligent committed to getting this thing extracted, was completely necessary. After all, there was some real value at stake here. 

You would carefully wrap the tooth in toilet paper, blood and all, and put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy. So classy! Anyway, when you woke up, the tooth was gone and in its place, magically there would be a dollar under your pillow. Your wish was granted and you did not even have to utter a word.

Well sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how it happens in the real world! Our real life desires, will only get met when we speak up and say our truth. Ugh, I’d rather pull my teeth out! I know, It’s not easy to speak up, but speaking our truth is really the only path to real freedom.

Let’s flip the script a bit. Now imagine, if every night when you slept, a Truth Fairy would leave courage and wisdom and confidence under your pillow. What truths would you tell?

Would you ask for what you need? Would you express your opinion? Would you speak up if someone was treating you bad? Would you ask for or grant forgiveness? There is so much power in our truth. And truth is simply our heart’s desire longing to be heard.

We are here to be the biggest, baddest, brightest version of us in all our truthful glory.  Starting today, recognize that awkward, sinking feeling you get when you know that something doesn’t feel right for YOU, or that you want to speak up. That is your truth looking for the light. Even if you are afraid, find your voice. Your life depends on it!