Welcome (back) to Transformational Tuesdays — where we talk all about transformation and leading the life that you desire. 

This week’s topic was inspired by a podcast interview I had recently, where the host asked me about transformation. Was the process of transformation hard or difficult for me?

My immediate answer was no, but then I thought back to how I would have answered that question five years ago, when I was just getting started on my journey. And back then, I would have definitely answered yes! 

So this week, I want to talk about what transformation means, which parts are hard, and which parts are easier. 


What does transformation mean? 

Transformation is when we are able to see how we show up in a situation in a new way, which was not available or clear to us up until that point. 

A lot of times we operate based on our patterns, our thinking about past things that have happened. We think that because it happened that way before, it’s going to happen again the same way now. 

The way to be able to see the different way that things can happen happened for me through working with a few transformational life coaches. They were able to see things that I couldn’t myself. And it’s not that they told me what to do — they provided a space where I could discover the possibilities for myself by literally being an observer of my life, my thoughts, and how I was showing up. 

I learned that transformation meant that I could acknowledge that I owned this piece of the interaction, or this transaction, or this relationship. And at any point I could choose to show up differently. 


What is hard about transformation? 

My old patterns were very deep, because they came about from some very traumatic situations. So before I knew that there was another opportunity, another way of being, my life seemed very hard. It was like I kept repeating the same things over and over. I wasn’t getting the lesson, I was attracting similar situations. And I was putting up with behaviors and situations that weren’t in alignment with me. That’s what’s hard about transformation: when you don’t know what you don’t know. 

When you can’t see the other possibilities from where you are in your old patterns, you don’t always make the choices that are best for you and that keep you alignment. That’s also the hard part. 


When does transformation become easy? 

Once you get the first taste of transformation — when you’re able to see yourself in a situation differently and there are other options that you never knew were available — then it all becomes a lot easier. 

Before that point, everything seems so scary and frightening. It seems so vulnerable to get to the other side. And that’s why a lot of us avoid going back and cleaning up some of that stuff. We avoid excavating some things so that we can see them with a new heart. It’s just easier to put our heads in the sand, move on, or just ignore it. 


Your soul knows…

Even if you choose to ignore going over some of the things, your soul is aware of the disconnect. Your soul knows when you are not in alignment, and when it’s time to take the next step. Your soul knows when you are not on the track that you are divinely designed to be on. 

The symptoms of that are when you feel frustrated, stressed, and anxious. 

Do you feel like you’re doing the same day and pattern over and over? 

For me, it was that I kept being stuck as a victim in my story about my life. 

So in answering the question, “Is transformation hard?” What is really hard is staying in that space before you know that things can be different and putting up with all kinds of crap — that’s what’s really hard. 


What does transformation look like for you?

What does transformation mean to you? 

Have you avoided going over some of those things that you know you need to deal with, because you’re scared of what it might look like? 

What has your experience been so far with working through some of that? 

If you haven’t thought about things like this before, or if you have and found it overwhelming, I can help you determine the next step. Let’s get on a call — you can book one by clicking right here


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