Today, we are in the midst of a global epidemic! We are experiencing a disease that plagues most of the human population and reaches far and wide. It does not discriminate against race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or class, and is threatening our very existence. We are in the midst of a real crisis I call #notgoodenoughism!

OK, I realize that my intro paragraph may be a bit extra, but I wanted to get your attention. And anyway, who doesn’t like a good hashtag? Truth is, feeling like we are not good enough is definitely a common experience. When we don’t feel good enough, it really does impact everything else around us and seeps out into the world.

In fact I think that the root of all evil is not money, but low self esteem. Think about that for a moment. What kind of behaviors do we exhibit when we are in this state of mind? We are hurtful to others, to ourselves, we don’t trust, we lash out, feel jealous, can be self absorbed, negative… none of that sounds very kumbaya to me!

That nagging doubt of not feeling good enough, that we all encounter from time to time, can lead to a disappearing act of our soul. It’s weird how prevalent it is especially since it is such a farce. The truth is there is nothing wrong with us, we are indeed good enough.  Our self esteem probably just got buried under a pile of rubble and we just need to clear away all the crap and rediscover the real, authentic parts of ourselves. And the even weirder part is that we’re the ones that are doing most of the piling on. Self infliction at its finest!

So why? It’s all a protective layer of gunk, that insulates us from getting hurt; helps protect our vulnerability. Our brains wacko safety device that winds up backfiring instead of helping. Well meaning, but oh so inefficient. Instead of protecting us, it suffocates us. So can we get some balance?

Surround yourself with high vibration energy. Digest positive reading and listening materials. Take walks and get out in nature. Take care of yourself by getting plenty of sleep, eat good, move your body. Work on your stuff from the past that is keeping you stuck. Let go of things that no longer serve you and most importantly, hang around people that are buzzing at a frequency that is st least 2 steps ahead of you. And oh yeah, have some fun. Do something that makes you laugh so hard you wanna pee your pants!

At first, if you may not believe you are good enough, but take the action steps anyway.  It’s in the forward motion, where we start. There is a diamond in that coal mine, you just have to be willing to hunt for it because you are worthy and you are enough, right where you stand today! Starting today, take that little, itsy bitsy, teenie tiny step of courage and start peeling away the layers.