Do you ever feel like a fake, a phony, a fraud, a sellout, a pretender or an imposter? Join the club! What the what? I know, sounds crazy right, but it’s the truth. We’re all guilty! So why on Earth do we carry out such minimizing behaviors?

The need for belonging is a primal response that is so strong, that if we have not conquered our own self-doubt gremlins, it’s easy to become the chameleon, people pleaser or door mat, just to avoid feeling left out.  Who wants that kinda life… not me and I suspect not you either.

So what’s the fix? Honoring, respecting, loving and accepting ourselves, minimizes the need for external validation. Easy to say, harder to do, but with awareness and practice it is completely possible!

First off, remember that most of the voices in your head, that feed you this junk, are liars! They show up to protect you, but from a caveman mentality.  A perspective that lions and tigers and bears are gonna eat you, and well basically you’re gonna die. Which of course is preposterous! Unless you live in the jungle, you aren’t dealing with lions and tigers and bears on the daily, so just dismiss those thoughts!

Secondly, remember that people almost never feel about you, the way you think they do. And if they do, you most likely don’t want them in your energy field any how. People would rather be around the real YOU. And faking it takes a lot of energy that you could be using to build a fabulous life! So the fake it till you make it slogan does not apply here!

And finally, when we cater to others, and hide and diminish all of who we were created to be, we short change our true potential. Your authentic self is your signature style, and you are a one of a kind! Starting today, take time to connect with your heart and the real you.  Never, ever change who you are to be loved or accepted by someone else.