What if I told you that all of the answers to your questions are available 24/7. Really, like a 24 hour 7-Eleven convenience store. Mmmm, slurpee! Sorry I got sidetracked! It’s pretty cool that we have a built in compass, that has our best interest at heart, and is readily available to co-create at all hours of the day and night.

The awesome thing is that when we tap into this source, intuition, not the slurpee, something magical happens. You see Spirit resides right there in our hearts, constantly ready to guide us.

At first the message comes through as a very faint whisper, maybe as a thought or a notion. Then it gets louder and more persistent. It really is quite persistent, ok I’m being PC, it can be a pain in the ass, pestering us until it gets our full attention. I call this the getting hit over the head by a frying pan maneuver! It’s a technical term, look it up.

So whether the message is delivered softly with patience and love, or with a nagging urgency, is up to when we honor the call of our intuition and take action. That combo right there, that’s the golden ticket and where our power is!

Until we learn how to trust and surrender and take action, we’ll probably be guided by our ego and outside noise. When we take this path, we usually wind up at a dead end, stuck or spinning our wheels.

Be careful. You will definitely need to practice your discernment skills, because sometimes it’s hard to decipher between ego and intuition.  One rules the head and one is commander in chief of the heart. Truth is found in the heart.

And don’t let outside forces disconnect you from your greatest super power, your intuition. Release, with love, anyone or anything that discourages you from your true gifts for the world.

It takes a lot of courage to open up to the power and just let it be.  Starting today, pay attention to the thoughts in your heart. Follow their lead and watch the wonder reveal.