I am at the eWomen Network conference this week, and I had a chance to catch up with my good friend and fellow coach Donna Barr. 

Donna and I connected about five years ago, and who would have known back then that 5 years later we would still continue the relationship? We’ve supported each other’s journey into our life’s work and the power of connection. 

And this week we have the wonderful opportunity to spend time together in person! So I wanted to share a little bit about what we’ve been up to this past week.

“I’m having an amazing time here at eWomen Network,” Donna says, “Thank you, Wendy, for actually inviting me here. I think the Universe always knows what we need.” 

We talked about how one of our biggest take-aways is that when we put our desires out into the Universe, the Universe shows up. 

“I had some asks, some desires,” Donna recounts about her first days at the conference, “And one of my desires was to get one of these lanyards. And a lady just walked up to me and said, “Hey, you need to be bedazzled!” and then we went to bedazzle each other.” 

We both have sparkly bedazzled lanyards now! 

The other thing that just miraculously showed up for Donna was an unexpected ticket to the dance party. I was just telling her that she should definitely go to the party, but she didn’t want to pay the ticket price. Then out of nowhere we connected with a person who just happened to not be using their ticket. 

So the takeaway here is, you put your desire out there, and the Universe shows up. 

What Donna said about the Universe always showing up and connecting her with the right people, it got me thinking — we actually do not have to do this LIFE thing all by ourselves. We are meant to connect and cross these other paths to help each other. 

And then inevitably, there would be this common thread that we didn’t even know existed between two people, or three people, or five people. This week I’ve met people from all over the world, even as far as Canada and the Netherlands. It’s a global thing. 

And I really feel like the world, the universe, and everything right now is crying out for us to connect. 

Donna and I are super duper proponents of getting out of the world that we know to seek that connection. We go into worlds that maybe we are not familiar with, and we break down these barriers of diversity and these things that people think that aren’t true. 

This is where the healing comes from. This is where the connection comes from. 

I think about when I met Donna, and how much her family have infiltrated my heart (and vice versa!) I’m telling you, there’s something to this, to go out into the world and start doing that with other people. 

So I encourage you, if you’ve got something on your heart that’s saying, “I want to reach out to someone…” Like, even if you’re in line at the grocery store, and you see someone wearing a dress that you really like. Usually, we don’t say anything. 

But what would happen if you told them, “You look very beautiful today.” 

Do you know that that could change their entire life? 

We are so afraid to connect that we stay in our little spaces. And we really don’t need to. There’s so much glorious stuff out there. 

My wish for this world is that we can connect through healing and understanding, and get rid of all this divisiveness that’s going on. And we do that by working on ourselves first, then getting out into the world. 

So Donna and my challenge for you this week is this:

Find someone who doesn’t look like you, who may not believe the same things that you do, and who is probably totally different from you — and connect with them! Have a cup of coffee with them (I talk about the face-to-face challenge I’ve set for myself here). 

We both believe that it’s a little way of making a difference on this planet, especially in the climate that we have today. 

We can still love each other and be kind to each other, even if we don’t think exactly the same thing. Enjoy your time and connect with yourself and those that also want to change the world! 


See the great resources Donna shares on her Facebook page and Website

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