Welcome back to Transformational Tuesdays! This is the time of the week where we come together to talk about topics that help us on our journey of growth. 

Today we’ll be talking about how to deal with getting something different than you wanted out of a situation. I recently talked with a friend of mine about her going out for a job interview. Even though she had a clear sense of what she wanted out of that interview and job offer, she ended up with something different. 

You see, it has to do with the Universal Law of Sacrifice — sometimes we have to sacrifice some things so that other things can show up for us. 

But in this situation, it’s not applied in the way that you think! 

It’s all about setting intentions, and taking ownership. Read on, or watch the video! 







I was talking to my friend about a job offer that she recently accepted, and at first it seemed like it was a great thing. But as she kept talking, I realized that she was already feeling a bit resentful for accepting it. 

How did that come about? 

Well, she told me that she was very clear on what she wanted out of the job before she went to the interview. She knew exactly how much money she wanted to make, and how many hours she wanted to work. 

The interview itself seemed to go very well, too. The interviewer automatically liked her, and gave her lots of praise for her experience and abilities. 

However, she ended up walking out of the interview having accepted a position that paid less money than she desired, and the hours were more than what she wanted. 

How did that happen? 

Talking through it, I was reminded of one of the universal laws, the Universal Law of Sacrifice. This law says that we sacrifice something of a lower nature in order for us to achieve something on a higher nature. 

What parts of herself did my friend sacrifice, in order to get the kind of attention she did, and was it worth it? 

What other pieces did she sacrifice elsewhere in order to be liked, accepted, and appreciated? 

I know for myself, I’ve done that several times in my life. After all, it’s a basic human need to feel liked and valued. 

Through my journey of transformation, I know today that sometimes we have to work through letting go of those old paradigms so that we can reach that next level. In this case, the next level is one where my friend would not have to feel any kind of resentment for accepting something less than what she wanted. 

If you are feeling resentment, thinking that you should have gotten X, or that someone should have given you Y, it’s a clear sign that you are not in alignment with your intentions and true purpose. 

That’s why it doesn’t feel good! 

You’re always evaluating the situation and putting it on other people: 

They didn’t provide me with this; I thought it was something different than what it turned out to be. 

The way to stop this cycle of resentment and discontent is to really own your choices. 

What’s your list of non-negotiables? For my friend, it was the amount of income she wanted, and the number of hours she desired. 

For myself, it’s feeling uplifted and supported when I go out to network (because let’s be honest, networking is one of those things that can often feel awkward, right?) 

My ownership of those non-negotiables means that if I don’t feel the way I want to feel, then the event or environment I’m in is just not the right fit for me. And I can over-analyze it and try to justify it by thinking that it’s a good opportunity and not to waste it — just as I’m sure my friend justified accepting the job even though it didn’t meet her criteria — but at the end of the day, I must remember the Law of Sacrifice. 

Sometimes, we need to let go of certain things that don’t serve us fully so that we can allow better things to come along. 

When you remember that, and you remember that you have ownership of your own choices, you don’t have to be mad or frustrated with anybody! 

Your brain and heart only have so much room, to be full of things that don’t serve you. Where does that leave room for the things that are trying to find you to show up? 

You might struggle with people pleasing. You might struggle with over-extending yourself. Maybe you struggle with doing everything yourself because you feel like it’s selfish to ask for help. 

And so you end up sacrificing yourself. 

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t make me very happy to sacrifice feeling happy and joyful. 

Letting things go and taking ownership of that might feel scary and uncertain, but if your heart keeps telling you those things no longer serve you or you’re constantly feeling frustrated — guess what? 

You have a choice, and you own that choice. It’s your responsibility. 

And remember that when you are in alignment with your higher purpose, you don’t have to try so hard — you’ll find that everything seems to show up. 

What are some things that you’re holding on to that don’t fully serve you and your purpose? Unpack the reasons for why you have them, and then truly examine if those reasons are worth sacrificing what you really want. 






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