Welcome back to Transformational Tuesdays — our time to take a look at how we can evolve so that we could be the best individuals and leaders we can be in our world. 

Today’s topic is about practice, and how practice makes perfect. 

Every single situation that we run across allows us to practice where we are in our own self development — especially when we’re wearing our leadership hats. 






Step into your curiosity

When I was a Senior Vice President of HR in the corporate world, I would often have managers come into my office needing help with employee relations issues. Inevitably, a big portion of those were because somebody was not getting things done, or they weren’t doing tasks the way that the manager wanted them to be done. So there was a conflict because the work wasn’t getting done or the output wasn’t the way it needed to be. 

What I found is that a lot of times it was easier for the managers to look at what their employees were doing wrong, instead of stepping into curiosity: “I wonder why the situation is coming into my flow right now, and what do I need to learn from it?” 

Each interaction has a purpose 

Remember that the divine purpose of every interaction we have is connection and healing. 

When we are dealing with situations in our life that may be frustrating, what those situations are really showing us is what we still need to heal and practice.

It’s not about us, not about the other person, and not even about the situation. 

There will always be things that we need to practice, because self development and growth is not a one and done kind of thing — it takes consistent practice! 

Change your perspective 

How would it change your perspective with all of your interactions if you stepped into curiosity about finding the healing purpose in each situation? 

Instead of either pointing the finger at someone else, or avoiding the situation completely, how would it feel to know that this is just the Universe’s way of giving you a chance to practice? 

Some of the things you may be able to practice are: patience, boundaries, or speaking up for what you desire. 

What are some of the things that you’re struggling with right now? What could be some things that you could look at with a sense of curiosity and say: 

“I wonder why this is showing up for me, and what it is showing me that I need practice on?”





Have you ever considered your vulnerability an advantage?


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