If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know that Transformational Tuesdays are all about things for us to keep in mind as we’re going through our transformation in this world. 

We are all transforming, whether you’re aware of it or not — and the goal is to transform with awareness and intention, so that we can get to our highest possible self that we’re meant to be. 

This week’s topic is about feeling our feelings — particularly anger. 

I talk to so many people who are going through hard and frustrating situations, and they all express that they are frustrated but are trying to keep their cool and not get angry. 

My question about this is: what if we allow ourselves to feel the anger just like our other emotions? 





Is anger compatible with spirituality? 

Anger is one of the seven recognizable emotions that all humans have. It’s part of the natural grieving process. So why do we deny it? 

Sometimes it might seem that if we are on a journey of spiritual growth and development, feelings of anger don’t exactly go along with Namaste. 

Except that these feelings are a part of us, they are part of our being. So we can’t just dismiss them. 

Part of our development should definitely include acknowledging our anger, unpacking it, and dealing with it. If we simply bypass our anger, it doesn’t go away. It stays with us, in our being and in our bodies. 

Acknowledge your anger 

Part of our transformational process is to accept and acknowledge, with love, understanding, and no judgment, that sometimes we’re going to feel angry — and that’s okay. 

Embrace all of your emotions. 

Being on a spiritual journey does not mean that every single minute you wake up and you’re like, “Wow! I feel awesome!” Yes, it can feel like that most of the time. And yes, you’re going to have other feelings like anger, as well. 

Speak your truth

Sometimes you might find that you’re getting frustrated with the people around you. It might be because you’re angry that you can’t speak your truth about your frustrations. 

A completely acceptable thing to do in these situations is to say, “I feel angry right now.” This acknowledges your feelings, and makes it easier to unpack them. You will gain that awareness that you need to more forward and deal with your feelings instead of ignoring them, hoping that they will go away. 

After all, gaining awareness around what you are thinking and feeling is exactly what conscious and intentional transformation is all about! 




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