Welcome to Transformational Tuesdays! 

Wendy Lee here, and I’m so happy to be writing to you. 

This week I have a seemingly insignificant story to tell — but a story with a wonderful lesson. A lesson that I have to remind myself of constantly! 

It’s all about the question of “What If”, and specifically… what if what we tell ourselves isn’t actually true?

A few weeks ago I was at a conference with my friend Donna (check out our take-aways from the conference here!) Donna is not from Texas, so on our way back from the conference (which was in Dallas), I wanted to give her the Texan experience by taking her to Buc-ee’s. 

If you’re from Texas, you know what Buc-ee’s is. It’s basically a chain of convenience stores and gas stations that sell many unique items from all over the state. It’s a whole experience! And the one between Dallas and Houston is especially big and busy, it almost looks like an ant pile going crazy. 

We stopped and parked our car, and we went inside and got a few things. When we came back out, we could not remember where the car was at all! 

Mind you, that parking lot was huge! 

And a funny thing happened:

In my mind’s eye, I could tell that I had already decided I knew exactly where the car was parked. 

Donna kept trying to tell me, maybe it was parked over there, maybe it wasn’t… it was getting hot, and I was frustrated. 

I even looked twice in the place that I thought it was in. And it wasn’t over there at all! 

I realized that because I believe my brain so much, there was no other opportunity for any other thoughts to filter through. 

Where else does this show up in our lives, where we’re so sure about something? We’re so sure about a story that we’ve told ourselves, or we’re so sure about what somebody is thinking or feeling, or how they will respond to us. And we get stuck on that record. 

Just like my brain was telling me that my car was parked in this one spot that it clearly wasn’t. 

Now, I know myself well enough, and I’ve been on this transformational journey long enough that I knew to ask a different question. 

What if? 

What if there’s another outcome? 

And what if me getting lost and not being able to find my car is a bigger story? 

As soon as I let go of what I knew for sure (which, by the way, wasn’t for sure because my car was not parked where I thought it was), guess what happened? We found our car! 

It was amazing how much I learned in those 10 minutes:

You can’t always rely on your brain. Your brain is sneaky. 

Your ego tries to keep you safe and tell you things that don’t exist. 

So where in your life are you listening to your ego brain and not your heart? 

Have you ever considered your vulnerability an advantage?


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