This week I’m coming to you with Transformational Tuesdays on a lovely day, so I decided to do this video outside in nature. 

When you are in transformation, how do you know if you’re on the right track?

That’s what I kept thinking about lately. 

If you’re in transformation, you’re paying attention, you’re doing all this work, and you’re doing all this introspection. 

But how is it that you know you’re on the right track with it all? 

Two things came to mind: trusting your intuition, and checking in to how at peace you feel.



Connect with Your Intuition

Your intuition can really help you guide along the right path if you connect with it first.

You always have intuition coming up, but do you always trust it? You might have stuff from your past that blocks it. It can be really easy to dismiss intuition, not recognize it for what it is, or mistake it for something else. So it’s important to know yourself, and allow yourself to connect with that intuition — it will let you know if you’re on the right track.


How Peaceful Do You Feel?

Another thing that’s a really good barometer for whether you are headed in the right direction is how much at peace you feel as you pivot through your transformation.

Feelings can often be misinterpreted, especially fear, anxiety, and excitement. It can be hard to tell sometimes whether you’re feeling scared, or excited but looking forward to it, or anxious or uncertain.

That’s where the feeling of peace comes in. When you start feeling scared, uncertain, or jittery, is it coming from the head or from the heart? And how at peace do you feel with what’s happening?

Any time you go into uncharted waters you’re going to feel uncertain, that’s just part of it. So unpack whether that uncertainty is truly a fear, or nervousness. If it’s truly fear — like you are actually scared about what is happening — that might mean you’re going in the wrong direction.


Slow Down and Check In

The best thing you can do to determine if you’re moving in the right direction is to take a step back and see what is mirrored back to you.

It can be difficult to lean in like this amidst uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. So take time to slow down from all the busy-ness of everyday life to really connect to your feelings. You know yourself better than anybody, but you still need to be able to connect to those feelings. Too often, we lose that connection by being too busy, or getting distracted by all the shiny objects around us.

Make this checking in a regular thing, as well — with every level you reach, you start over. Transformation doesn’t have an end, it’s a cycle. You’re always going to be reaching higher and higher levels of awareness. And isn’t that exciting!


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